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7 Universities of Your Dream: Is There an Ideal University?


University is like a living organism. In addition to the visual attractiveness, you want to feel the “soul” of the university. What is it? The most important thing is confidence and warmth that prevail in the atmosphere of student life. Each trip to the university should bring joy and satisfaction. Lots of students dream of caring and sympathetic professors who love their work and are happy to communicate with students.

Find the university of your dream here and now!


The first college in Cambridge (nowadays there are more than thirty of them) opened its doors in 1284. The name of Cambridge is strongly associated with important scientific achievements of its graduates, from Newton’s laws of mechanics to the discovery of hydrogen (Henry Cavendish) and electrons (Joseph Thompson).

The most spectacular building in Cambridge is the King’s College Cathedral, where Boys Choir performs. Many nice restaurants and bookstores are situated there.

Famous graduates are Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Francis Bacon, James Maxwell, Vladimir Nabokov, Frederick Sanger (a double-winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry) and Lord Byron.

The cost of study is about $14 000 per year.


The cost of study is about $ 40.000 per year.


If you are in Princeton, do not miss the huge university chapel with 27 stained glass windows, and the organ with eight thousand pipes, and Firestone Library (it is one of the largest libraries in the world).

Famous graduates are Woodrow Wilson, F. Scott Fitzgerald (he studied but did not graduate), John Nash (Nobel laureate in economics).

The cost of study is about $ 37.000 per year.


You can find this university in the Silicon Valley, near the town of Palo Alto, California. Dozens of talented professionals, who were the founders of numerous successful companies, graduated from this university. Among these companies there such giants as Hewlett-Packard, Cisco Systems, Electronic Arts and Yahoo!.

In contrast to the Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, which are built in the gothic style, at Stanford you can feel the breath of Southern California. The campus looks like a Mexican resort: here are palm trees and cacti, the roofs of the houses are covered with red tiles, noisy fountains gleam in the sun and there are a lot of mosaics. One of the most amazing places in Stanford is the garden with wooden sculptures that were brought from New Guinea.

Famous graduates are John Steinbeck, Condoleezza Rice, Sigourney Weaver, Tiger Woods, Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google founders), Steve Fossett.

The cost of studying is $40.500 per year.

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Yale is the first of three famous members of the Ivy League. The Yale seriously competes with Harvard (similar to the British Oxford and Cambridge), which is particularly evident in sports like football and boat regatta. The campus of Yale University is one of the most impressive in the United States. Mansions of the 19th century are combined with gothic towers and columns.

Famous graduates are Gerald Ford, Bill Clinton, Edward Norton, Meryl Streep, Jodie Foster, Henry Luce, David Duchovny, Hillary Clinton.

The cost of study is about $40.500 per year.


Oxford University

Students began to come to the UK’s oldest school in the 11th century. Today, the number of professors at the university of Oxford is enormous – almost 4.000 people (more than a hundred of them are members of the prestigious British Academy).


Every building in the area of Oxford is a piece of history, literally. The famous Balliol College was founded in 1263; many British prime ministers studied here. The luxury Bodleian Library always competes with Vatican for the title of the most ancient book storage in Europe. The Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology is the oldest in the country.

Famous graduates are Stephen Hawking, Andrew Wiles (mathematician who proved Fermat’s Last Theorem), Graham Greene, Oscar Wilde, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, Jonathan Swift, David Cameron.

The cost of study depends on the course, on average it is $14 000 per year.


The other university that belongs to the Ivy League is located on the island of Manhattan in New York City. The elitism of Columbia can be seen from the list of its graduates, which includes three US presidents, a lot of billionaires and 25 owners of Oscar statuettes.

The faculty of Journalism at Columbia University awards the well-known Pulitzer Prize. Here the FM-radio was created and a new technology for the production of LCD displays was opened. Here was a predecessor of Facebook – a social network “Campus Network”.

Famous graduates are Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Mikhail Saakashvili, Warren Buffett, Jerome Salinger, Hunter S. Thompson, Kathryn Bigelow (the first woman who received the “Oscar” as a director).

The cost of study is about $45.000 per year.
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The University can become your second home: the place where you will meet your best friends, gain invaluable knowledge and experience of life and fulfill your most cherished dreams (again with the help of the University). It can provide you with a good start in your life. So, the choice of university should be approached responsibly. Do not forget that your future and successful career depend on this choice.