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Traveling: What to Put in Your Backpack

Packing Luggage

When the long exhausting semester and exams are over and you get your freedom, you have been looking forward to, it is time for traveling. Whether you go home to see your parents, on vacations to the sea side or hitchhiking around Europe, there are some simple tips and hints, which may help you to get ready for your trip quickly and easily, reduce your anticipation stress and minimize possibility of unpleasant surprises.

Travel Packing List

The first thing is the list. It might sound boring, but believe me, it is worth creating it. If you are the person, who easily forget to put important stuff into the suitcase, or the person, who use only half of the taken clothes in the trip, you will be very much relieved to have it. I have more good news for you – you have to create it just once and then you can use it any time you feel this travel lust in your bloodstream. I have created a few lists depending on the purpose of my trip. They are: business trip packing list, home trip packing list, seaside packing list and yes, I have a separate packing list for gym and swimming pool, because I have a memory of a gold fish. I keep my lists in my Evernotes application and thus can access them from my phone, home and office computers and, if I edit them, they synchronize immediately. More than that, I have shared them with all my best friends (because I am that kind) and they liked them a lot.

Important Things

I suggest having a few categories in each of the packing lists. My first category is called “Important Things” and contains the following items: passport, money, credit and debit cards, tickets, mobile phone, charger and medicines. I put a tick to the box in front of each item and then put those things to the bag. For sure your list of important things may be different, though needless to say that your trip will not last long without tickets, documents and financial resources.

Gadgets and Devices

My second category is “Gadgets and Devices”. Here I list everything that technology is offering us today, i.e. electrical toothbrush, laptop, its charger (please always specify each and every charge separately, because better safe than sorry), Kindle, camera, hair dryer, flesh drives and ear phones, etc. The most fragile ones need to travel with you in your hand luggage, keep also the chargers you might need on your way in it.

Clothes and Shoes

Then it is probably time to think about your clothes and shoes. I have stopped folding my clothes, as it has been recommended by some life hacker, I now roll it. It was a brilliant advice, as somehow it really helps to save space and minimize wrinkles. By the way, knitted, woven and jersey garments are the best to travel with, as they always look good and don`t need ironing after unpacking. If you need something warm with you (and my personal opinion is that everyone needs something warm while travelling, as I easily get cold, especially on board of a plane) choose cashmere. Not only it is warm, it is also very soft and will look good even if you use it instead of a pillow.

Learning from Mistakes

For those who tend to bring excessive wardrobe everywhere, I highly recommend an audit upon returning back. Look through your clothes and make a mental notes on those items, which you have not used in your trip. The best option is to amend the packing list upon arrival, removing items you have not used and adding items you were missing.


Next category is “Grooming”. It is of vital importance for ladies, who usually need much more staff than gentlemen. My advice is to itemize literally everything you might need. Not only you will feel more comfortable, knowing you have everything you need with you, you might avoid spending a lot of money as well. Never take the whole bottles of shampoo, creams and lotions with you. Buy a set of travel size refillable containers and bottles or travel size (i.e. not more than 100 ml) versions of your favorable products. Thus your luggage will become a way lighter and you may have your favorite items in your hand luggage.

Hand Luggage

Speaking about hand luggage… Though I don`t want to spoil your mood before your trip, but if you go by plane, always remember that checked in luggage may be delayed or lost. Try to put essential items to your hand luggage and let me wish you a very safe and comfortable trip.