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The Most Highly Paid Professions in the World

Different Professions Representatives

Almost all people think about highly paid professions. After graduation, young people begin to ask themselves where to find a job.

Do you want to have a well-paid job? So, you need to analyze the list of the most highly paid professions in the world. Let us start!


A doctor has always been a very popular profession and will be popular for many years in the future. To become a really good professional, you need to study for a minimum of 10 years. Here you will find more information about physicians and surgeons. The most popular surgeons get about US$181.000 per year.


It is not just a doctor, who “lulls” a patient during the surgery. In fact, this profession is very demanding. A person’s life depends on the qualification and experience of the anesthesiologist. This is not the last person in the operating room by importance. The maximum annual salary of such specialist reaches US$162.000.

Senior Manager

This can be a president of an association, a general or an executive director. Similar posts in any organization are rather important because this person is responsible for making significant decisions and for personnel management. Of course, this responsibility should be paid well. So, the maximum annual salary of a manager reaches US$135.000.



This profession has for a long time been glorified in songs and poems. It is one of the most highly paid professions because air transport is still in demand. Control of the aircraft is a very responsible and difficult task. The pilot must deliver passengers and cargo. Moreover, he has to make important decisions in unexpected situations. The man who chooses this profession should have endurance, courage and determination. The maximum annual pilot salary is US$134.000.


According to the statistics, today the demand for dental services exceeds the supply in 4 times. The number of dental centers is constantly growing around the world. About 10 years ago, this was considered as a predominantly male profession, but today, many women dedicate themselves to a career of dentists. The maximum annual salary of such a specialist is US$132.000.

Market Analyst

It is not a secret that the sale and purchase of various products is one of the ways to make money. Of course, this should be done wisely. Market analysts know all about buying and selling. They collect and then carefully analyze the information. One of their tasks is to forecast the market situation. Such data are always very important for large businesses. The maximum annual salary is US$111.000.


Many large companies are trying to comply with all applicable laws. Alas, the reality is that the regulatory framework changes frequently. In order not to go over the edge, organizations hire a lawyer or an entire department of lawyers. The most experienced and highly qualified professionals earn US$110.000 per year.


In the today’s world, information and computer technologies are highly respected. IT-specialists are well versed with all this staff. These workers protect data from leakage, do not let sites crack, fight off virus attacks, and develop new software. Thanks to the best specialists, our daily life gets easier every day. For this reason, the maximum annual salary of the profession can be up to US$105.000. It is worth noting that the demand for IT-services is constantly growing. A growing number of companies is in the need of competent programmers, developers, and system administrators. Maybe in a couple of years, IT-specialist will advance in the ranking of the most highly paid professions.

Advertising Manager

Today, the market is a clear visible competition between manufacturing companies of all sizes. Not every organization is able to stay afloat. Manufacturing the quality products is not enough. The product needs to come up with a good ad and elaborate the marketing strategy. In order to achieve success and attract the maximum number of customers, the company can hire a highly qualified advertising manager. The maximum annual salary of such specialist is US$100.000.

Genetic Engineer

Today, the problem of hunger in the world is very serious. The maximum population growth was observed in underdeveloped countries, where there is a shortage of food. For this reason, it is very important to improve crop productivity. The new corn kinds that were bred recently helped to save a lot of people in Africa. That is why experienced breeders and genetic engineers receive up to US$97.000 per year.

Technical Supervisor

This person must carry out projects related to the development of some kind of technical products. The range of these products is very wide: it can be both automobiles and electronics, or projects related to the brand-new technologies.

The main task of such specialist is the coordination of the work of dozens or even hundreds of people in order to create a successful product. One of the basic skills that should be inherent to this person is the ability to work with large data arrays. These experts must quickly learn and process new information. The annual salary of a specialist is about US$100.000.

The labor market situation is constantly changing. Professions that were highly paid and meaningful 10-20 years ago are losing their relevance nowadays. The changing needs of the mankind, new technologies, developing science are influencing the local labor market significantly, as well as the global demand for the experts in certain fields.

Of course, over time, the above list will change. However, some professions, such as a surgeon, IT-specialist, analyst and genetic engineer will certainly retain their positions. Consequently, these professions will remain well-paid for a long time.

Have you made your choice? If you have not, we would advise you to look through the list of the most popular professions in the world.