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Essay About How to Choose Your Future Profession

Where to Go

We will remind you that an essay should consist of an introduction, theses, arguments, and a conclusion. In this article, we will show you how to compose a nice essay, while our topic for today is how to choose a profession. Let us start!


Each person must make some key life decisions that determine their future fate. The decision on profession is one of them. From an early age, we think what we want to become: girls want to become teachers, doctors or models; boys dream to be racing drivers, pilots or businessmen. We grow, dreams change, and the time to make a selection comes.

It is necessary to choose the place that will bring the desired reality. However, lots of people, even until the end of the university cannot decide, and ask their parents for advice.

In developed European countries great attention is paid to the development of children, the determination of their abilities from an early age. The school system is constructed in such a way that allows the learning process to select spheres that fit student the best and develop his strengths. Centers and coaches may help to make this choice instead of your parents. They conduct the necessary testing and training with a child, in results of which student will be able to make a conclusion on what areas it is better to concentrate on.

Main Part

How to make the right choice concerning a future career? What are the stages in this process? What young people should focus on when choosing a career? A variety of methods and techniques exists to help a person with a choice.

Nevertheless, even after passing a hundred tests the selection cannot be made. After all, it is an internal process. High school students sometimes imagine meeting with a psychologist as a kind of miracle, the wizard will come and ask a couple of questions and will tell all about you. Psychological tests and career guidance are tools that help people to understand themselves.

The First Stage of Selecting a Career Path

Firstly, a person should remember professions that he or she liked as a child, and try to make a list of them. A person should try to understand what is common in all these professions. Maybe the fact is that they are creative. Maybe they all give a certain degree of freedom, or maybe they are all aimed at helping people? So, a student can understand what is crucial to them in the profession.

Then, an individual should make a list of his claims to working conditions. Does he want to work on the street or in the office? Doing sedentary work or permanent move? What is about travel? Is there a desire to work in close contact with colleagues or entirely in an individual mode? So, on this stage person should analyze professions that he chose.

The Second Stage of Choosing a Profession

At this stage a person should think of things that he is the best at; what type of problem it is always easy to solve for him; does he have more abilities to the exact sciences or humanities; what tasks does he prefer?

Also, this is time to describe personal qualities. Are you responsible or not, neat or sloppy, the individualist or collectivist?

The Third Stage of Career Selection

At this stage, there is an individual need to explore different types of professions. Each of them requires certain person’s abilities, skills, and personal qualities. All this is called professionally crucial qualities. The career can give the opportunity to realize certain values, provides the certain working conditions.

The question arises: what profession to explore.

Of course, firstly it will be the descriptions of those professions that have something attractive. However, it is crucial not to dwell on this and get to know a large number of professions related topics that the person chose in the first place. Unfortunately, it often happens that the student is focused on one profession, even without considering alternatives and certainly not seeing a huge variety of interesting professions.

The Fourth Stage of Career Path Choosing

It is necessary to find data on what kind of experts are now in demand in the current area of your living. Here person should pay attention to the educational opportunities in occupations that he is considering. Is it possible to get a free education and if not, how much will he have to pay for the studying?

The Fifth Stage of Making a Choice on Your Specialty

This is, of course, the most difficult task. The person needs to make a choice. The final decision will only depend on you. However, remember that the choice is not fatal. Later, you can change the profession if it turns out that the chosen is not for you. So, there is no need to escalate the situation if there is a sense of “my profession.” This understanding comes in the mature age to many people. In the case of uncertainty, select the optimal variant for the moment, weighing all the “pros” and “cons.” Experience will tell you which way to go next.


When you ask any person how he chose his profession, it is unlikely that someone will be able to clearly justify their selection. Most likely, you will hear that it happened that the parents were advised that dad was in the military, and “I followed in his footsteps.” In other words, for the majority career choices is a spontaneous step.

The selection of profession is one of the critical aspects which determine the entire future path of a person’s life. Since everything in life is interconnected, properly chosen profession has an impact on all other areas of life. The correct selection of profession brings confidence, peace of mind and material well-being in adulthood. The better selection is made, the more interesting, richer and more successful will be the way of life than ever before, the longer it will remain on the career growth.

We are sure that everyone can make a choice on profession that suits them personally and love their work. It is just crucial to make the right choice – the choice of your career!