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History and Application of CEFR

language proficiency

The universal globalization and cultural intelligence require modern human beings to master at least one foreign language. Today the more languages you know, the more opportunities you have in all the aspects of your life. If we work hard and hit the books a lot, at a certain stage we start to think that we can speak fluently and have a good command of the language we are trying to master. To identify how fluent is “fluent” there are a few evaluation systems with a set of criteria, which help us to understand how good we are with this or that foreign language. Today we will tell you about the CEFR.

History and Purpose of CEFR

CEFR – Common European Framework of Reference is a practical tool developed by the Council of Europe for setting up an assessment system aimed to validate linguistic competence among the member states.

It represents a list of standards for evaluation of linguistic abilities advancement and results from scientific work and wide international consultation. It was adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 2 July 2008 at the 1031st meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies. The aim of this document is to promote plurilingualism and develop a universal vision of evaluation.

As you might know the Council of Europe aims for identicalness of its members to facilitate their economic and social progress, upholding human rights, democracy and rule of law. It was founded in 1949 in London.

In 1954 the Council of Europe opened for signature The European Cultural Convention – an international treaty, Article 2 of which acknowledges importance of educational activities for further linguistic diversification. Article 2 is the basis and pivot point of the CEFR.

The Scope of CEFR

The scope of CEFR is based on 3 pillars: learning, teaching and assessment. Today it is available in 40 Language Versions: find the full list here.

Language Proficiency

The CEFR sets up six levels of foreign language proficiency: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. “A group” means basic users, “B group” – independent users and “C group” means proficient users. Each level describes very thoroughly what a learner is capable of in terms of reading, listening, speaking and writing.

This scheme is helpful with the following aspects:

1)            Identification of learning objectives;

2)            Control over curricula;

3)            Teaching materials developing; and

4)            Language qualifications acknowledgment.

Learning, Teaching and Assessment

Apart from language proficiency definition the CEFR is a great tool for development and revision of the language curricula content. It helps to adjust it to the age, interests and needs of learners. Chapter 8 of the CEFR “Linguistic diversification and the curriculum” represents the strategic guidance for those involved in teaching foreign languages and responsible for curriculum.

To guide teachers and learners in their assessment of learning progress the CEFR offers plenty of online resources on its website. Teachers and learners are not the only categories of users, the CEFR is also very helpful to course designers, textbook writers and testers, as it provides a crystal clear definition of teaching and learning objectives and methods and provides the necessary tools for assessment of proficiency.

CEFR and Other Scales

Nowadays plenty of organizations such as language schools and certifications establishments claim their compatibility with the CEFR. For example, the European Association for Language Testing and Assessment (EALTA) has been created and funded by the European Community to advocate and advance the CEFR and its best practices. While various linguistic certificates and exams have their certain peculiarities, at the end their assessment of proficiency aligns with the CEFR. The CEFR is definitely the best way to identify where you are with your learning efforts. It is also the easiest way to explain to other people what your current level is and what you want to achieve with your further language study. Understanding your current level will help you to gain your point and this makes the CEFR useful for everyone.


Essay About How to Choose Your Future Profession

Where to Go

We will remind you that an essay should consist of an introduction, theses, arguments, and a conclusion. In this article, we will show you how to compose a nice essay, while our topic for today is how to choose a profession. Let us start!


Each person must make some key life decisions that determine their future fate. The decision on profession is one of them. From an early age, we think what we want to become: girls want to become teachers, doctors or models; boys dream to be racing drivers, pilots or businessmen. We grow, dreams change, and the time to make a selection comes.

It is necessary to choose the place that will bring the desired reality. However, lots of people, even until the end of the university cannot decide, and ask their parents for advice.

In developed European countries great attention is paid to the development of children, the determination of their abilities from an early age. The school system is constructed in such a way that allows the learning process to select spheres that fit student the best and develop his strengths. Centers and coaches may help to make this choice instead of your parents. They conduct the necessary testing and training with a child, in results of which student will be able to make a conclusion on what areas it is better to concentrate on.

Main Part

How to make the right choice concerning a future career? What are the stages in this process? What young people should focus on when choosing a career? A variety of methods and techniques exists to help a person with a choice.

Nevertheless, even after passing a hundred tests the selection cannot be made. After all, it is an internal process. High school students sometimes imagine meeting with a psychologist as a kind of miracle, the wizard will come and ask a couple of questions and will tell all about you. Psychological tests and career guidance are tools that help people to understand themselves.

The First Stage of Selecting a Career Path

Firstly, a person should remember professions that he or she liked as a child, and try to make a list of them. A person should try to understand what is common in all these professions. Maybe the fact is that they are creative. Maybe they all give a certain degree of freedom, or maybe they are all aimed at helping people? So, a student can understand what is crucial to them in the profession.

Then, an individual should make a list of his claims to working conditions. Does he want to work on the street or in the office? Doing sedentary work or permanent move? What is about travel? Is there a desire to work in close contact with colleagues or entirely in an individual mode? So, on this stage person should analyze professions that he chose.

The Second Stage of Choosing a Profession

At this stage a person should think of things that he is the best at; what type of problem it is always easy to solve for him; does he have more abilities to the exact sciences or humanities; what tasks does he prefer?

Also, this is time to describe personal qualities. Are you responsible or not, neat or sloppy, the individualist or collectivist?

The Third Stage of Career Selection

At this stage, there is an individual need to explore different types of professions. Each of them requires certain person’s abilities, skills, and personal qualities. All this is called professionally crucial qualities. The career can give the opportunity to realize certain values, provides the certain working conditions.

The question arises: what profession to explore.

Of course, firstly it will be the descriptions of those professions that have something attractive. However, it is crucial not to dwell on this and get to know a large number of professions related topics that the person chose in the first place. Unfortunately, it often happens that the student is focused on one profession, even without considering alternatives and certainly not seeing a huge variety of interesting professions.

The Fourth Stage of Career Path Choosing

It is necessary to find data on what kind of experts are now in demand in the current area of your living. Here person should pay attention to the educational opportunities in occupations that he is considering. Is it possible to get a free education and if not, how much will he have to pay for the studying?

The Fifth Stage of Making a Choice on Your Specialty

This is, of course, the most difficult task. The person needs to make a choice. The final decision will only depend on you. However, remember that the choice is not fatal. Later, you can change the profession if it turns out that the chosen is not for you. So, there is no need to escalate the situation if there is a sense of “my profession.” This understanding comes in the mature age to many people. In the case of uncertainty, select the optimal variant for the moment, weighing all the “pros” and “cons.” Experience will tell you which way to go next.


When you ask any person how he chose his profession, it is unlikely that someone will be able to clearly justify their selection. Most likely, you will hear that it happened that the parents were advised that dad was in the military, and “I followed in his footsteps.” In other words, for the majority career choices is a spontaneous step.

The selection of profession is one of the critical aspects which determine the entire future path of a person’s life. Since everything in life is interconnected, properly chosen profession has an impact on all other areas of life. The correct selection of profession brings confidence, peace of mind and material well-being in adulthood. The better selection is made, the more interesting, richer and more successful will be the way of life than ever before, the longer it will remain on the career growth.

We are sure that everyone can make a choice on profession that suits them personally and love their work. It is just crucial to make the right choice – the choice of your career!

The Most Highly Paid Professions in the World

Different Professions Representatives

Almost all people think about highly paid professions. After graduation, young people begin to ask themselves where to find a job.

Do you want to have a well-paid job? So, you need to analyze the list of the most highly paid professions in the world. Let us start!


A doctor has always been a very popular profession and will be popular for many years in the future. To become a really good professional, you need to study for a minimum of 10 years. Here you will find more information about physicians and surgeons. The most popular surgeons get about US$181.000 per year.


It is not just a doctor, who “lulls” a patient during the surgery. In fact, this profession is very demanding. A person’s life depends on the qualification and experience of the anesthesiologist. This is not the last person in the operating room by importance. The maximum annual salary of such specialist reaches US$162.000.

Senior Manager

This can be a president of an association, a general or an executive director. Similar posts in any organization are rather important because this person is responsible for making significant decisions and for personnel management. Of course, this responsibility should be paid well. So, the maximum annual salary of a manager reaches US$135.000.



This profession has for a long time been glorified in songs and poems. It is one of the most highly paid professions because air transport is still in demand. Control of the aircraft is a very responsible and difficult task. The pilot must deliver passengers and cargo. Moreover, he has to make important decisions in unexpected situations. The man who chooses this profession should have endurance, courage and determination. The maximum annual pilot salary is US$134.000.


According to the statistics, today the demand for dental services exceeds the supply in 4 times. The number of dental centers is constantly growing around the world. About 10 years ago, this was considered as a predominantly male profession, but today, many women dedicate themselves to a career of dentists. The maximum annual salary of such a specialist is US$132.000.

Market Analyst

It is not a secret that the sale and purchase of various products is one of the ways to make money. Of course, this should be done wisely. Market analysts know all about buying and selling. They collect and then carefully analyze the information. One of their tasks is to forecast the market situation. Such data are always very important for large businesses. The maximum annual salary is US$111.000.


Many large companies are trying to comply with all applicable laws. Alas, the reality is that the regulatory framework changes frequently. In order not to go over the edge, organizations hire a lawyer or an entire department of lawyers. The most experienced and highly qualified professionals earn US$110.000 per year.


In the today’s world, information and computer technologies are highly respected. IT-specialists are well versed with all this staff. These workers protect data from leakage, do not let sites crack, fight off virus attacks, and develop new software. Thanks to the best specialists, our daily life gets easier every day. For this reason, the maximum annual salary of the profession can be up to US$105.000. It is worth noting that the demand for IT-services is constantly growing. A growing number of companies is in the need of competent programmers, developers, and system administrators. Maybe in a couple of years, IT-specialist will advance in the ranking of the most highly paid professions.

Advertising Manager

Today, the market is a clear visible competition between manufacturing companies of all sizes. Not every organization is able to stay afloat. Manufacturing the quality products is not enough. The product needs to come up with a good ad and elaborate the marketing strategy. In order to achieve success and attract the maximum number of customers, the company can hire a highly qualified advertising manager. The maximum annual salary of such specialist is US$100.000.

Genetic Engineer

Today, the problem of hunger in the world is very serious. The maximum population growth was observed in underdeveloped countries, where there is a shortage of food. For this reason, it is very important to improve crop productivity. The new corn kinds that were bred recently helped to save a lot of people in Africa. That is why experienced breeders and genetic engineers receive up to US$97.000 per year.

Technical Supervisor

This person must carry out projects related to the development of some kind of technical products. The range of these products is very wide: it can be both automobiles and electronics, or projects related to the brand-new technologies.

The main task of such specialist is the coordination of the work of dozens or even hundreds of people in order to create a successful product. One of the basic skills that should be inherent to this person is the ability to work with large data arrays. These experts must quickly learn and process new information. The annual salary of a specialist is about US$100.000.

The labor market situation is constantly changing. Professions that were highly paid and meaningful 10-20 years ago are losing their relevance nowadays. The changing needs of the mankind, new technologies, developing science are influencing the local labor market significantly, as well as the global demand for the experts in certain fields.

Of course, over time, the above list will change. However, some professions, such as a surgeon, IT-specialist, analyst and genetic engineer will certainly retain their positions. Consequently, these professions will remain well-paid for a long time.

Have you made your choice? If you have not, we would advise you to look through the list of the most popular professions in the world.


Traveling: What to Put in Your Backpack

Packing Luggage

When the long exhausting semester and exams are over and you get your freedom, you have been looking forward to, it is time for traveling. Whether you go home to see your parents, on vacations to the sea side or hitchhiking around Europe, there are some simple tips and hints, which may help you to get ready for your trip quickly and easily, reduce your anticipation stress and minimize possibility of unpleasant surprises.

Travel Packing List

The first thing is the list. It might sound boring, but believe me, it is worth creating it. If you are the person, who easily forget to put important stuff into the suitcase, or the person, who use only half of the taken clothes in the trip, you will be very much relieved to have it. I have more good news for you – you have to create it just once and then you can use it any time you feel this travel lust in your bloodstream. I have created a few lists depending on the purpose of my trip. They are: business trip packing list, home trip packing list, seaside packing list and yes, I have a separate packing list for gym and swimming pool, because I have a memory of a gold fish. I keep my lists in my Evernotes application and thus can access them from my phone, home and office computers and, if I edit them, they synchronize immediately. More than that, I have shared them with all my best friends (because I am that kind) and they liked them a lot.

Important Things

I suggest having a few categories in each of the packing lists. My first category is called “Important Things” and contains the following items: passport, money, credit and debit cards, tickets, mobile phone, charger and medicines. I put a tick to the box in front of each item and then put those things to the bag. For sure your list of important things may be different, though needless to say that your trip will not last long without tickets, documents and financial resources.

Gadgets and Devices

My second category is “Gadgets and Devices”. Here I list everything that technology is offering us today, i.e. electrical toothbrush, laptop, its charger (please always specify each and every charge separately, because better safe than sorry), Kindle, camera, hair dryer, flesh drives and ear phones, etc. The most fragile ones need to travel with you in your hand luggage, keep also the chargers you might need on your way in it.

Clothes and Shoes

Then it is probably time to think about your clothes and shoes. I have stopped folding my clothes, as it has been recommended by some life hacker, I now roll it. It was a brilliant advice, as somehow it really helps to save space and minimize wrinkles. By the way, knitted, woven and jersey garments are the best to travel with, as they always look good and don`t need ironing after unpacking. If you need something warm with you (and my personal opinion is that everyone needs something warm while travelling, as I easily get cold, especially on board of a plane) choose cashmere. Not only it is warm, it is also very soft and will look good even if you use it instead of a pillow.

Learning from Mistakes

For those who tend to bring excessive wardrobe everywhere, I highly recommend an audit upon returning back. Look through your clothes and make a mental notes on those items, which you have not used in your trip. The best option is to amend the packing list upon arrival, removing items you have not used and adding items you were missing.


Next category is “Grooming”. It is of vital importance for ladies, who usually need much more staff than gentlemen. My advice is to itemize literally everything you might need. Not only you will feel more comfortable, knowing you have everything you need with you, you might avoid spending a lot of money as well. Never take the whole bottles of shampoo, creams and lotions with you. Buy a set of travel size refillable containers and bottles or travel size (i.e. not more than 100 ml) versions of your favorable products. Thus your luggage will become a way lighter and you may have your favorite items in your hand luggage.

Hand Luggage

Speaking about hand luggage… Though I don`t want to spoil your mood before your trip, but if you go by plane, always remember that checked in luggage may be delayed or lost. Try to put essential items to your hand luggage and let me wish you a very safe and comfortable trip.

What to Choose: The Most Popular Professions in the World

Different Professions

Always, even in the most difficult times, on the labor market, employers would like to see people who are willing to achieve results, who love their job, and are highly motivated to develop themselves. It is an important advice for choosing a profession – do not chase the most popular professions and do what you love to do.

It is necessary to do things that you love, be open to new knowledge and strive to achieve professionalism.

However, today we will talk about the most popular jobs in the world. So, let us start!


IT-sphere is one of the most fast-growing industries in the world and the undisputed leader in demand for specialists. Therefore, IT-specialists will not lose their popularity in the next five years. However, the rapid development of this industry and modern technology will cause the emergence of innovative professions, which we do not even imagine now.

In the meantime, we can say that IT-specialists will be in demand. For several years the specialists of this profession among the other professions are in minority. In most cases, employers need Java programmers, C++ and C# developers, as well designers of Big Data and mobile platforms. Multichannel will ensure stable demand the online marketers.

Here you can find some information on how to become an Information Technology specialist.

Medical Specialists

Experts carry positive prognoses for specialists in medicine and pharmacy. Being healthy and beautiful today is fashionable and prestigious. The universal desire to care about health, youth, and beauty ensures the growth of the popularity of these professions. Another reason for the increasing demand for these professionals is the development of new technologies and their use in the diagnosis and treatment systems. The medical profession has been and always will be in demand.

If we talk about the most popular areas of medical practice, there are primarily diagnostics (ultrasound, MRI, CT), cardiology, oncology, neurosurgery, pediatrics, and gynecology. Over the next five years, an increase in demand in two or three times will be experienced for nutritionists, homeopaths, psychologists, doctors, non-traditional healing practices (Tibetan, Chinese, and others).

Salespeople and Marketers

Sales managers, salesmen and marketing specialists, office managers and executives in the business development were in demand a year ago. However, they are still popular among employers nowadays.

A fairly high level of salary is offered by companies for salespeople, professionals who are working with clients, and all those who are ready to expand and better the business. Low competition for one workplace is consistently recorded among the blue-collar occupations, so today, these professionals can find work easy enough.


The agricultural market continues to demonstrate its activity. During the last few years the interest in agricultural jobs has increased due to the foreign investments in enterprises. Many companies are attracted to youth internships for further employment of the interns. The demand for agricultural specialists will grow.

Experts in the Sphere of Tourism

A person’s striving to travel increases with each year. Even yesterday, a trip for a picnic was just a dream for an ordinary family. Today, people are drawn to the Red Sea, or to the green Himalayas. Directing the customers to the right place, finding the most appropriate route and way to reach the destination, as well as providing a comfortable stay is a work of a professional tourism manager.


The “nerd” experts in environmental education have become the rulers of the world. Humans are close to being buried in the trash, emissions, and exhaust. Without the express solution for the conflict with nature, the humans’ self-destruct program can be accelerated. Today, the only hope is in hands of environmentalists. For the salvation of humanity, people are ready to pay a lot of money to those who know how to save the world from an environmental disaster.


The holy human’s faith in the immensity of the natural resources is broken. The energies of the earth will not be enough. Today, the word is united in a search for alternative sources of energy as well as in the ways to increase the energy efficiency. Production of solar panels, individual heating systems, air conditioning systems requires new technologies and new solutions. Thus, anyone who has a diploma on Chemistry will definitely be in demand in the close future.


Nanotechnologies are applied in the spheres of mechanical engineering, medicine, and even the food industry. Every day range of applications of robots and chips expands, and thus, the demand for specialists in the sphere of nanotechnology grows.

Journalist and Image Maker

Any serious company cannot work without promoting their products or services at the information market. Describing the competitive advantages of the company and its unique (or trivial) product in the correct words is a task for professional.

Service Experts

A business lady wants to have a beauty expert handy. A top manager does not want to go to the hairdresser who is located at the other side of the city, and a highly-educated kindergarten teacher must be based in the residential complex. Such requests give birth to the demand of millions of specialists in the sphere of service and education. Therefore, hairdressers, beauticians, governess are required not only have a talent from God, but also the diploma of the best educational center.

Specialists in Engineering

This job can be chosen by those who plan to keep up with the progress. The rapid development of the construction industry and industrial automation is just around the corner. The main thing is not to be lazy and to delve into the intricacies of production.

So, have you made a choice? If yes, it is time to choose the University of your dream! Here you can find a list of the best universities in the world.

We hope that this article was useful for you. We wish you luck!

7 Universities of Your Dream: Is There an Ideal University?


University is like a living organism. In addition to the visual attractiveness, you want to feel the “soul” of the university. What is it? The most important thing is confidence and warmth that prevail in the atmosphere of student life. Each trip to the university should bring joy and satisfaction. Lots of students dream of caring and sympathetic professors who love their work and are happy to communicate with students.

Find the university of your dream here and now!


The first college in Cambridge (nowadays there are more than thirty of them) opened its doors in 1284. The name of Cambridge is strongly associated with important scientific achievements of its graduates, from Newton’s laws of mechanics to the discovery of hydrogen (Henry Cavendish) and electrons (Joseph Thompson).

The most spectacular building in Cambridge is the King’s College Cathedral, where Boys Choir performs. Many nice restaurants and bookstores are situated there.

Famous graduates are Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Francis Bacon, James Maxwell, Vladimir Nabokov, Frederick Sanger (a double-winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry) and Lord Byron.

The cost of study is about $14 000 per year.


The cost of study is about $ 40.000 per year.


If you are in Princeton, do not miss the huge university chapel with 27 stained glass windows, and the organ with eight thousand pipes, and Firestone Library (it is one of the largest libraries in the world).

Famous graduates are Woodrow Wilson, F. Scott Fitzgerald (he studied but did not graduate), John Nash (Nobel laureate in economics).

The cost of study is about $ 37.000 per year.


You can find this university in the Silicon Valley, near the town of Palo Alto, California. Dozens of talented professionals, who were the founders of numerous successful companies, graduated from this university. Among these companies there such giants as Hewlett-Packard, Cisco Systems, Electronic Arts and Yahoo!.

In contrast to the Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, which are built in the gothic style, at Stanford you can feel the breath of Southern California. The campus looks like a Mexican resort: here are palm trees and cacti, the roofs of the houses are covered with red tiles, noisy fountains gleam in the sun and there are a lot of mosaics. One of the most amazing places in Stanford is the garden with wooden sculptures that were brought from New Guinea.

Famous graduates are John Steinbeck, Condoleezza Rice, Sigourney Weaver, Tiger Woods, Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google founders), Steve Fossett.

The cost of studying is $40.500 per year.

Here you can find World University Rankings 2015-2016.


Yale is the first of three famous members of the Ivy League. The Yale seriously competes with Harvard (similar to the British Oxford and Cambridge), which is particularly evident in sports like football and boat regatta. The campus of Yale University is one of the most impressive in the United States. Mansions of the 19th century are combined with gothic towers and columns.

Famous graduates are Gerald Ford, Bill Clinton, Edward Norton, Meryl Streep, Jodie Foster, Henry Luce, David Duchovny, Hillary Clinton.

The cost of study is about $40.500 per year.


Oxford University

Students began to come to the UK’s oldest school in the 11th century. Today, the number of professors at the university of Oxford is enormous – almost 4.000 people (more than a hundred of them are members of the prestigious British Academy).


Every building in the area of Oxford is a piece of history, literally. The famous Balliol College was founded in 1263; many British prime ministers studied here. The luxury Bodleian Library always competes with Vatican for the title of the most ancient book storage in Europe. The Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology is the oldest in the country.

Famous graduates are Stephen Hawking, Andrew Wiles (mathematician who proved Fermat’s Last Theorem), Graham Greene, Oscar Wilde, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, Jonathan Swift, David Cameron.

The cost of study depends on the course, on average it is $14 000 per year.


The other university that belongs to the Ivy League is located on the island of Manhattan in New York City. The elitism of Columbia can be seen from the list of its graduates, which includes three US presidents, a lot of billionaires and 25 owners of Oscar statuettes.

The faculty of Journalism at Columbia University awards the well-known Pulitzer Prize. Here the FM-radio was created and a new technology for the production of LCD displays was opened. Here was a predecessor of Facebook – a social network “Campus Network”.

Famous graduates are Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Mikhail Saakashvili, Warren Buffett, Jerome Salinger, Hunter S. Thompson, Kathryn Bigelow (the first woman who received the “Oscar” as a director).

The cost of study is about $45.000 per year.
We believe that this article was interesting for you. Let us hope that your most cherished dream of the ideal university will come true.

We also advise you to read the article about how to choose your future profession.

The University can become your second home: the place where you will meet your best friends, gain invaluable knowledge and experience of life and fulfill your most cherished dreams (again with the help of the University). It can provide you with a good start in your life. So, the choice of university should be approached responsibly. Do not forget that your future and successful career depend on this choice.

How to Make the Right Career Choice

Thoughtful Student

As children we dream of becoming pilots, astronauts, firemen, doctors, teachers, and librarians. But nowadays we are facing a more difficult choice of such popular professions as economist, lawyer, psychologist, singer, etc.

After school, everybody needs to make the most important step in their life – to choose a profession. A profession is a consciously chosen employment, in which you will invest a lot of time and effort. So, it is important that your abilities and character traits correlate with your profession.

There is an interesting statement: “Find what you love to do and do not work for your whole life”. Does it mean that profession and vocation should be one and the same thing?

How to choose the university and the future profession which not only will provide you with financial stability but also will bring you a real pleasure? Let us try to suggest a solution.

So, in order to understand yourself, your desires and, most importantly, your capabilities, try to answers the following questions:

Why Do I Want to Study at University and What to Expect Afterwards?

Try to answer. High school students rarely ask themselves such a question. However, you need to do it. Well, you will enroll in the university, you will graduate and receive a diploma. Then what? Getting an education is not a goal, but a means to achieve the goal. The goal is to build a life which your dream of. So, what do you want?

Do you want to be respected or free? Smart or conscientious? Manager or subordinate? Free artist? Independent consultant? Do you want to work in the USA or in Europe? Or maybe you want to have your own business? Do you want to risk on a daily basis? Travel a lot? Stay at the office from morning till evening?

The knowledge that you will receive at the university and the diploma that will be given to you are valuable only because they can help you make your dreams come true. They can and they cannot help you at one and the same time. They can even take you away from the desired goal for a few years.

In What Field Do I Want to Work?

Initially, activities can be divided into categories such as work, mental work, and physical work. For example, you choose the mental work. Next, you select from the following: economics, politics, foreign languages, science, education, etc.

How Much Money Can I Spend on Entering the University and Studies?

Think about your financial status. Do you and your parents have money for your study at a prestigious university? Can you rely on your abilities, and get a scholarship? If not, perhaps now it is the time to think about the tutor preparation or improvement? How much will you control your enrolling in the selected university (universities), taking into account all the expenses?

Which Country or City Do I Want to Study In?

If you have a desire to study away from home, just do it. Try your strengths and your capabilities. However, do not forget that there must always be a backup plan! Considering the options, check the cost of study and learn the procedure of entering.

Where Exactly Do I Want to Study?

The University

If you followed our tips, you would know in what area you want to spend your efforts, you would be aware your skills and the country or the city for the education and even the faculty. Now, find out more about professions that you have selected. It is necessary to make a definite plan for achieving the desired and begin to put this plan into action as per Napoleon Hill’s advice, no matter whether you are ready or not.

How Much Money Do I Want to Earn in the Future?

It may seem that you have already made your final choice. However, now, to confirm it, try to answer a very important question. Will your future profession bring the financial stability? For example, you want to become a microbiologist or a nuclear physicist. But if you do not become a Nobel laureate in biology, will you feel financially secure?

Can I Find a Job in the Field of My Specialty Then?

At this point, many people prefer to be ignorant, but it is one of the most important factors when you choose the university. Answering the question of how to choose the university, try to look into the future. Will your specialty be in demand in the nearest five years? In today’s world, everything is changing so quickly. However, the profession of surgeon is always in demand. Here you can find some tips how to choose the right career.

Am I Ready for a Change of Lifestyle After Graduation?

The university is not only about professors and subjects, textbooks and notes, tests and exams. It is also about students and their daily environment. Be sure that if you choose a major you like, finding a common language with people will be not a problem for you. In this case, you will remember the university for years with warm feelings. Who knows, maybe the people you meet during the years of study will accompany you all your life.

The main thing is to remember that you know yourself and you know what is best for you. Listen to yourself and everything will be fine.

We hope that this article will help you to choose your future profession properly! Good luck!